Sheik Zayed Heritage Festival

Commemorating 100th anniversary of the birth of Sheik Zayed, and celebrating the beginning of “Year of Zayed”, it displays the country’s cultural heritage.


Home to Ayasofya, Topkapi Palace, and Sultan Ahmet Camii, this district of Istanbul is probably one of the most important area from ancient time. The stomping janisarries have long since been replaced by tourists, but old Istanbul hasn’t forgotten its long history. My trip to Turkey began and ended here in Sultanahmet District, but something about…

Topkapi Imperial Harem

Even today, with only a few of its 400 rooms open for public viewing, the Topkapi Imperial Harem still reflects its former glory. With Turkish Series Muhtesem Yusyil helped me filling in the blanks, I could see the Sultan walked through the corridor, watched by his Valide Sultan, while his favorite concubine gazed to the sea of…


From whirling Sufi Dance to wobbling Belly Dance, from the salty Tuz Gölü to the top of snow covered mount Erciyes, Turkey invited me to contemplate what I have, what want in life, and how to achieve it – A quo vadis  moment. This trip is more toward what I feel than toward what I see.

Taksim Square

Means “To Distribute” in Turkish, the place for the water distribution installation of the old day Istanbul, the square and the adjacent Istiklal Street are now the place where people gather. Modern world brands seat side to side with traditional products, and people come to see, to be seen, or just to be there.

Below Göreme

Göreme underground is no less amazing. It’s interesting to see how far, out of fear or fashion, people’s creativity could be pushed. It’s hard to imagine me living inside those labyrinth, even with the help modern day’s technology. Yet they thrived there for hundred of years.

Above Göreme

A balloon ride over the city of Göreme in Cappadocia reveals its breathtaking terrain. Stone chimneys scattered the landscape, dotted with the remnant of ancient troglodyte settlement. The cloudy weather might steal some of the view, but won’t steal the show. From start to finish, you’d wish it’d never end, and when it did end,…

Beştepe Millet Camii

Altough not as legendary as other ancient mosques yet, this Turkish National Mosque in Ankara certainly has it’s grandeur and represents the modern day Turkey.

Mevlana Museum

Located in the city of Konya, this museum houses the tomb of Celaleddin Rumi a.k.a. Mevlâna. The famous Sufi Dance was born here and those whirling dervishes used to stay in this building complex.


Located near the Turkey’s modern day Pamukkale, Hierapolis was an ancient spa city that was built in 190 BCE, long before the Turks conquered the Anatolia.


The ancient city of Efesus lies on the Turkish shore of Aegean Sea. The city was built by the greek and, seeing it emerged from the mist, I was as if tele-ported to the ancient Hellenic world.

Burasi Ayasofya

That’s the Turkish way of saying This is Hagia Sophia (or at least, according to google). Roaming  in and around this grandeur architecture, I couldn’t help but wonder how the people of 6th century built it, and perhaps the same feeling of Mehmet II made him spared the city. The history, the mistery, and the modern…