The Little Mermaid

Mermaid is a mythical creature that often portrayed as exotic, cute, and lovable. So cute and lovable that I took liberty to put these photos here as an exception to my rule-of-thumb to not to post people on this blog.

House of Sampoerna

The Residence of Sampoerna family in Surabaya has a complex of museum, cafe, and art gallery.

Setia Darma Masks and Puppets

Although not related to Masks Museum, Batu, this museum in Ubud also exhibits masks and puppets from many regions in Indonesia.

Monkey Forest

A piece of forest in Ubud, Bali where the monkeys and humans can roam semi-freely. There is a creek at the bottom of the forest, while a cemetery lays at the top of one of the hills.

Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi

Roughly translates to “The abundance of natural resources,” the term describes the rich and fertile soil of Indonesia, suitable for agriculture and mining.

The Hills and Beaches of Pacitan

The road leads to Pacitan goes through and around the scenic Bukit Manoreh hill-range, and ends directly at the beaches of Indonesian Ocean, famous with their rolling waves.

Ria Djenaka (Happy and Funny) Restaurant

I stopped by this restaurant on our trip back from Batu, Indonesia, for a little R&R. The foods were superb, the location, at the outskirt of Batu, was easy to spot, and the scenery from the restaurant was quite stunning.

Masks Museum, Batu

Located next to Transportation Museum in Batu, Indonesia, here you can find a collections of masks, statues, and other peculiar things that were part of the daily life of people in Indonesia, both at present and in the old days.

Transportations Museum

This museum houses a plethora of transportation devices. Old cars, bikes, and chariots are thematically displayed for educational and nostalgic purposes.

Outside of the museum, they built a floating market that sells foods and beverages and allows us to experience what it is like to roam and boating around the real-life floating markets