London, at Last

Finally, we reached London, and that concluded our six days journey with our friends.  Here our paths part but continue our friendship still.

Cambridge on Camera

The colleges of Cambridge university as seen from the river and from the street. Somehow I can picture professor Robert Langdon studies and teaches in one of those building. Note: The images displayed in this page do not represent the allegiance to any particular college.

Yields of York

York still has its city wall, a typical feature of many old European cities, but the old City of York is anything but typical.

A Dash of Durham

One of the campus of Durham University is a real castle, and the students live there. I wonder if they have flying brooms. I didn’t see any snitches flew around, though, only some fish & chips.

Scatters of Scotland

Scotland, the place where men wear kilts and where the immortals came from. But the following are more about scenery than scenes.

A Glimpse of Glasgow

Victoria Palace and George Square of Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, from a viewfinder of a traveler.

Gretna Green

The blacksmith you should visit whenever your marriage was outlawed by the ruler, especially when you lived in England .

Old Trafford

A few random shots of one of the most famous stadium in the world.

On and Around Cornmarket Street

From Cathedral, to secondhand book shop, to the busy people who flock around them, there are some things we can see on Cornmarket Street, Ofxord, United Kingdom.

Stargazing – The Beginning

Finally I managed to participate in stargazing session. This is my first session, ever, and without proper gear, I didn’t expect much, from the stars and resided heavily on the surrounding. Insha Allah, it will be more stars and less scenery next time. Nonetheless, it was a much enjoyable and eye-opening gathering.