Amerigos of Radisson Blu

Located in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, this is a nice place to go to when you feel like having some bold-tasted Mexican foods.

Emirates Air Line

At the edge of Royal Victoria dock and crossing the river Thames towards Greenwich Peninsula, Emirates Air Line offers a breathtaking view from 90 meters above London. Riding this cable car gave me a sad reminder that I had to fly back home soon and a holiday, however we extended it, must finally come to a close.

Harry Potter – Magic Deconstructed

Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden has permanent display for the props of Harry Potter movies. The level of details are stunning.  So stunning that part of me wished that I never visited this place, so the magical world of Harry Potter could stay magical in my imagination. But hold on, wasn’t that a patronus flying around?

Royal Victoria Dock

Used to be busy with ship docking activities, the dock is now teeming with cozy hotels, apartments, restaurants, exhibition center, and a cable car system called Emirates Airline. Monuments remembering its past heyday dotted the area. The dock itself still has water and now is used mainly for water sports.  


A yacht, permanently docked at Royal Victoria Dock and turned into hotel, Sunborn offers a rather unique experience for the guests.

A Bit of Bath

One hour and forty minutes train ride away to the west of London, there lies the only hot spring in UK that was used by the local people since before the Roman times. The Roman built a bath out of it, and so the city Bath grew around that ancient installation.