Burasi Ayasofya

That’s the Turkish way of saying This is Hagia Sophia (or at least, according to google). Roaming  in and around this grandeur architecture, I couldn’t help but wonder how the people of 6th century built it, and perhaps the same feeling of Mehmet II made him spared the city. The history, the mistery, and the modern…

Riverland – Dubai Parks and Resorts

This open area facade offers you the view of European cobble stone streets. Definitely an alternative place to relax, especially during the winter.

UAE in One Day

One day trip through United Arab Emirates might bring you these, and it was only in and around Dubai Creek, Dubai Mall, Al Majaz Park – Sharjah, Jabal Jais – Ras Al Khaimah, and some random shots of camels somewhere on the road of Umm al Quwain. There are a lot more to see here…

City Cafe at City Max – Dubai

City Max hotel is strategically located next to Mall of Emirates, Dubai. One of its restaurants, City Cafe, offers Friday Brunch every week. The venue is rather small but the ambiance is spacious and the menu they serve is superbly delicious.